Jakarta City Blessing

A recent poll indicated that 80% of Americans claimed to be Christians. Can you possibly imagine the impact on our culture if 80% of us were true, genuine followers of Jesus Christ. There must certainly be a lot of people deceived into believing that they are truly Christian. It would seem it is the proper or cool thing to claim a type of nominal Christianity but in fact, genuine Christianity is not cool in our culture.

This grace message is not about how God’s grace (unmerited love and favor) is bestowed upon all those who call upon the Lord, sincerely wanting to be saved from sin and death.

I want to talk about the tangible gift of grace that God has instilled in each believer. It works in us so that we can do the works of God.

And then I want to talk about the gift of grace and how it assist the believer in their own salvation and ministry.

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Jadwal Kebaktian Jakarta City Blessing-Bellagio

pkl. 9.00 - 11.00 WIB
Bertempat di The Bellagio Mall Lt.2-01 Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E4 No. 3 Kawasan Mega Kuningan Jakarta Selatan

Jadwal Life Is A Gift